Liaison Committee – Review of Regeneration of Seaside Towns and Communities Evidence Session

In 2019, House of Lords’ Regeneration of Seaside Towns and Communities Committee published their report and recommendations for government (please click here to view). Today, the House of Lords’ Liaison Committee held their evidence sessions looking into how these recommendations have been delivered and the impact that any delivery has had. Our Lead Officer, BeccyContinue reading “Liaison Committee – Review of Regeneration of Seaside Towns and Communities Evidence Session”

REVIVING BRTAIN’S COAST – Why it’s time to help communities on the edge

Communities on Britain’s coastline have fallen behind the rest of the country but the government could unlock their potential by adjusting its Levelling Up policy, according to research published today (Wednesday 1st February 2023). Household income in coastal areas is almost £3,000 per year lower than in non-coastal communities, with nearly one in five jobsContinue reading “REVIVING BRTAIN’S COAST – Why it’s time to help communities on the edge”

Impact of Coastal Erosion on Coastal Communities – an LGA Coastal SIG response

The LGA Coastal SIG have a membership of 57 councils, covering 60% of the English coastline and serving 16 million people. Coastal Communities are on the frontline of climate change, facing the direct impacts of the increased frequency of severe storms, sea-level rise and tidal surges. Erosion rates and the frequency of flood events areContinue reading “Impact of Coastal Erosion on Coastal Communities – an LGA Coastal SIG response”

Marine Licensing & Coastal Concordat Workshop

The LGA Coastal SIG, MMO and Defra have collaborated to develop a workshop specifically aimed at coastal council officers and planners with an interest in marine licensing and the Coastal Concordat. This collaboration comes as a result of requests from our senior officers group (SIGSOG) on the need for clarification on a number of relatedContinue reading “Marine Licensing & Coastal Concordat Workshop”

Coastal Landfill webinar with LGA

We are proud to announce that in response to the release of the LGA Coastal SIG’s Coastal Landfill Working Group/Coastal Group Network report on the Coastal Landfill Survey, the Local Government Association (LGA) are hosting a webinar on the issue on 12 January 2023. The Coastal landfill: a national perspective on issues associated with coastalContinue reading “Coastal Landfill webinar with LGA”

Survey exposes potential scale of coastal landfill time bomb

Please find below a press release on the Coastal Landfill Survey Report We all recognise the devastating impacts of coastal erosion, flooding and pollution across our coastline, however, there has been little acknowledgement of the “hidden silent ticking time bombs” that coastal landfill sites present. For 2 years the Local Government Association Coastal Special InterestContinue reading “Survey exposes potential scale of coastal landfill time bomb”

World Drowning Prevention Day 2022

We know that there are many more people visiting our rivers and coastal areas as the tendency towards staycations in the UK increases. This means that local authorities collectively have seen an increase in the need for additional water and beach safety messaging and actions. Cllr Derek Bastiman, Member Champion for the Beach and WaterContinue reading “World Drowning Prevention Day 2022”

Coastal Landfill Questionnaire Launched

Our Coastal Landfill Working group, in collaboration with the Coastal Group Network, have launched a questionnaire for local authorities regarding coastal landfills in their area. If you would like to participate please click here to be taken directly to it. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.  Purpose of questionnaireThe Local Government AssociationContinue reading “Coastal Landfill Questionnaire Launched”

Torridge declare a Motion for the Ocean

Torridge District Council have become the 11th council to declare a Motion for the Ocean: Torridge Decision Details Cllr Clare Hodson spoke to the wider LGA Coastal SIG membership about the process that they had been through and their decision to declare for ocean recovery at our recent meeting. We hope that many more councilsContinue reading “Torridge declare a Motion for the Ocean”

Motion for the Ocean declared in North Devon

Congratulations to North Devon District Council for joining the growing number of local authorities who are passing the #Motion4TheOcean and passing a declaration for ocean recovery and embedding the sea into their strategies and policies. See article below for further details or the Motion for the Ocean page for further information on the declaration: