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Coastal communities are on the frontline of climate change, with some areas facing significant physical changes resulting from coastal erosion and flooding. Coastal Change Management Areas (CCMAs) are a significant tool to inform planning and management across a shoreline area that is at risk of significant change resulting from the impacts of climate change, and encourage the integration of terrestrial and marine planning.

Join the Local Government Association Coastal Special Interest Group’s (LGA Coastal SIG) Lunch & Learn on Tuesday 14 November 2023 12:00-13:00:

Addressing coastal change within local planning policy in Cornwall – Rhys Hobbs, Cornwall Council

Cornwall’s beautiful coastline is an asset of significant cultural and economic value to our residents, local communities and visitors which stretches for 422 miles. The Cornish coast is a dynamic system, affected by the movement of waves, tides, wind and sediment. In order to strategically plan the future development of the dynamic coastline the Climate Change Development Plan Document (DPD) was implemented following the Climate Emergency declaration in 2019. Various coastal change policies within the DPD help to assess coastal risk and ensure that development is strategic, safe and sustainable across the course of its lifetime. The session will explain these new policies, their context, how they are being applied and share lessons learned from their implementation.

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