World Ocean’s Day 2023 Coastal SIG Update

Cllr Ernest Gibson, Beccy MacDonald-Lofts and Bethany Handson have been busy this week raising the profile of coastal communities, discussing the challenges they face and exploring potential opportunities for the future at Flood & Coast 2023.

After the opening remarks, Cllr Gibson had a brief chat with Minister Pow regarding the issues facing coastal communities and the work of the Coastal SIG.

Minister Pow was familiar with our Coastal Landfill report and raised her awareness of the issue.

Other matters were also discussed and Cllr Gibson has been invited to talk about issues further with the Minister at a future time. We will be updating our membership as this progresses.

Lead Officer Beccy and Officer Lead Sharon Bleese lead an excellent workshop on “Moving Minds: Supporting adaptations through better conversations” with ~50 participants (despite the early start of 8:45am!).

A report is being produced on the outcomes of the session which will be released shortly.

Thank you to all the Coastal SIG Senior Officers Group members who assisted with the event.

Collaboration is key to changing the future for our coastal communities and we thank all our partners for their ongoing support.

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