Coastal Landfill webinar with LGA

We are proud to announce that in response to the release of the LGA Coastal SIG’s Coastal Landfill Working Group/Coastal Group Network report on the Coastal Landfill Survey, the Local Government Association (LGA) are hosting a webinar on the issue on 12 January 2023.

The Coastal landfill: a national perspective on issues associated with coastal flood and erosion risk webinar will be chaired by our Chair Cllr Ernest Gibson (South Tyneside Council) and speakers include our Officer Lead for Coastal Landfill Mark Stratton (Coastal Partners) alongside Professor Kate Spencer (Queen Mary University London).

To join in this Lunch & Learn event on 12 January please click here to be directed to the LGA events page.

For further information on our Coastal Landfill work please visit our Coastal Landfill Working Group page.

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