Consultation Responses

Dft Strengthening enforcement of the dangerous use of recreational and personal watercraft – October 2021

Hospitality & Tourism APPG- Coast and Waters Inquiry – August 2020

Defra Improving our management of water in the environment March 2019

EA R&D project – flood spatial planning project (January 2019)

MHCLG A Review of local authorities’ relative needs consultation (Fair Funding Review) February 2019

Defra Measuring environmental change – draft indicators framework for the 25 Year Environment Plan January 2019

EA River Basin Management Plans Working Together December 2018

Defra consultation on Marine Licence exemptions December 2018

House of Lords regenerating seaside towns call for evidence October 2018

MHCLG Draft revised National Planning Policy Framework May 2018

MHCLG Fair Funding Review March 2018

NIC National Infrastructure Assessment January 2018

APPG for the Visitor Economy, Coastal Communities Inquiry. Call for written evidence – LGA Coastal SIG response September 2016

NIA – National Infrastructure Assessment:consultation August 2016

JNCC – Consultation response to JNCC Harbour Porpoise pSAC Consultation May 2016

EA – Consultation response to charging for permits for flood risk activities in England from financial year 2016 to 2017

Summary of consultation responses from EA: charging for permits July 2016

Defra – Consultation response to Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) April 15

EA – Consultation response to River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) April 2015

EA – Consultation on Integrating flood defence consents into the EA – Summary of responses to charging for permits consultation July 2016Environmental Permitting regime February 2015

Defra – Consultation on tax relief for flood and erosion risk management from the Autumn Statement February 2015

EA – Consultation Response on Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP) January 2015

Part 1: Consultation Response to Bellwin scheme of emergency financial assistance to Local Authorities December 2014
Part 2: Consultation Response; Flood Envoy visit to East Anglia 14-4-14
Part 3: Consultation Response to Bellwin scheme of emergency financial assistance to local authorities December 2014

MMO – Consultation Response to Scoping new national flood risk assessment August 2014

MMO – Consultation Response to Marine Plans South August 2014

MMO – Consultation Response to East Marine Plans October 2013

DEFRA – Consultation Response to Partnership Funding September 2013

DEFRA – Consultation Response to changes to marine licensing August 2013

MMO – Consultation Response to Strategic Scoping Review June 2013

DEFRA – Consultation Response on MCZs March 2013

EA – Consultation Response on Flood Risk Management Plans October 2012

Defra – Consultation Response on the MSFD UK Intial Assessment & proposals for GES March 2012

Cabinet Office – Consultation Response on the Water and Marine Red Tape Challenge March 2012

DEFRA – Consultation on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (January 2012)

DECC – Consultation on Renewables Obligation Branding Review, covering offshore wind and marine technology (January 2012)

Environment Agency – Letter on Environment Agency’s standing advice on flood risk within the planning process (November 2011)

DCLG – Consultation on draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the consultation stage impact assessment (October 2011)

DEFRA – Consultation on a Marine Planning System for England (October 2011)

DEFRA – Consultation: Draft sustainable development guidance for local flood authorities (Feb2011)

Environment Agency – Consultation on National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England (Feb2011)

DEFRA – Consultation on floods funding reforms (Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management) Feb2011

DEFRA – Consultation on a Marine Policy Statement (MPS) for England (Oct 2010)

DEFRA – Pre-consultation on the draft UK Marine Policy Statement (April 2010)

DEFRA – Consultation on Marine Plan Areas within the English Inshore and Offshore regions (February 2010)

European Commission – Consultation on Green Paper – reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (December 2009)

DCLG – consultation on new planning policy on development and coastal change (October 2009)

DEFRA – Consultation on the Draft Flood and Water Management Bill (July 2009)

DEFRA – Consultation on ‘Our Seas – a shared resource’ – High level objectives for the Marine Environment (September 2008)

DEFRA – Consultation on the Marine Bill white paper (May 2008)

DEFRA – Letter: Reform of Sea Fisheries Committees (March 2008)

DEFRA – Consultation to ‘A Marine Bill’ (June 2006)