Coastal Guidance and Manuals

On this page you can find links to guidance, manuals, reports and other useful documents produced by government and our partners. Please click on the name of the report to open

LGA SIG Coastal Adaptation Review Paper 2017

The UK Government 25 Year Environment Plan – Extracts

MMO Marine Licensing an overview for LPAs May 2016

Adaption to coastal erosion. Evaluation of rollback and leaseback schemes in Coastal Change Pathfinder project July 2015 (Defra)

Information Note – FCERM Tax Relief for Businesses (December 2015)

National Trust Shifting Shores CH2M report

Bathing water agreed partnership narrative (Defra, EA, LGA, Water UK and others, Nov 2015)
Bathing Water External FAQ (EA, Nov 2015)

Coastal Change Planning Guidance (CCAPG) Summary August 2015
Coastal Change Planning Guidance (CCAPG) August 2015
Coastal Change Planning Guidance (CCAPG) Supporting Information August 2015

A Coastal Concordat for England – setting out key principles for coordinating the consenting process for coastal development.

South marine plan areas future analysis (MMO, 2013)

Strategic Scoping Report for marine planning in England (MMO 2013)

Marine biodiversity offsetting UK scoping study (The Crown Estate 2013)

A Framework for Coastal Research, Development and Dissemination (Environment Agency, 2012)

Is ‘minimising the footprint’ an effective intervention to maximise the recovery of intertidal sediments from disturbance?

Guidance on the Management of Landfill Sites and Contaminated Land on Eroding and Low Lying Coastlines (CIRIA, 2012)

Toe Structures for Coastal Defences – A Management Guide (Enviroment Agency, 2012)

Coastal Change Pathfinder Review_Final Report (Defra, 2012)

UK Marine Policy Statement (HM Government, 2011)

Strategic scoping report for marine planning in England (MMO, 2011)

A description of the marine planning system for England (Defra, 2011)

Appraisal of flood and coastal erosion risk management (Defra, 2009)

Guidance for risk management authorities on sustainable development in relation to their flood and coastal erosion risk management functions (Defra, 2011)

Making Space for Water (Defra, 2005)

Shoreline management plan guidance Volume 1 (Defra, 2006)

Shoreline management plan guidance Volume 2 (Defra, 2006)

Best practice

Lymington Harbour phase 2 habitat replenishment scheme

Partnership working

Coastal partnerships network – baseline report (2013)