Coastal Concordat

The coastal concordat sets out the separate processes for consenting coastal developments in England. It was originally published on 11 November 2013 and a revised version was published on 17 December 2019. It supports decision-making between Local Authorities and those regulators who work in the marine area.

The government’s 25 Year Environment Plan aims for all Local Authorities with a coastal interest to adopt the concordat by 2021. Working under the concordat is currently a voluntary arrangement.

The concordat approach can be applied to any applications for individual projects, if they:

  • span the intertidal area in estuaries and on the coast
  • require multiple consents including both a marine licence and a planning permission from the local planning authority

It will not apply to projects that:

  • are solely terrestrial
  • already have co-ordination mechanisms in place such as National Significant Infrastructure projects

The Coastal SIG has been integrally involved with the development and launch of the Coastal Concordat.

Cllr Ernest Gibson, Chair of the Coastal SIG, sits on the national Coastal Concordat Steering Group.

How to sign up

An officer acting on behalf of the Local Authority wishing to sign up can write a letter to the Defra Marine Planning and Licensing Team at The letter should confirm that the Coastal Concordat has been adopted and that its principles will be applied.

All queries on the Coastal Concordat should be directed to

Coastal Concordat Documents

A Coastal Concordat for England

Local Authorities who are adopters of the Coastal Concordat (updated: March 2020)

A Coastal Concordat for England: implementation document (updated: December 2019)

Further information can be found online at

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