Coastal Adaptation Working Group

Coastal communities are being impacted by changes to our climate, whether it be through increased storm frequency and tidal surges, sea-level rise or coastal erosion, the consequences are clear for all to see yet there is not a solution in place. Our Coastal Adaptation Working Group strive to engage coastal communities, participate in projects to affect change and champion for support to enable our communities to transition to a different future.

In order to deal with the immediate risks we are facing from climate change and sea level rise, we urgently need cross government and cross sector support , notably from the perspective of resilience infrastructure, if we are to stand any chance of tackling this issue in the very short time scales we have.

A National conversation about why our coast matters is needed urgently!”

Karen Thomas, LGA Coastal SIG Coastal Adaptation Officer Lead and Head of Coastal Management, Coastal Partnership East

The LGA Coastal SIG Lead Officer and Coastal Adaptation Officer Lead were invited to Flood & Coast 2023 to lead a workshop on Coastal Viability as part of a double session looking at Coastal Planning and Placemaking in collaboration with the Coastal Group Network.

The workshops were very well attended and brought together coastal practitioners alongside those from other sectors to discuss the role of Shoreline Management Plans and management in delivering viable and sustainable communities in the face of climate change.

For further information on the learning gleaned from these workshops please read/download our report below.

Where do I find further information?

To find out further information relating coastal erosion and flooding on your local council websites please click on the highlighted pins in the map below.

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For further information on projects linked to coastal adaptation please use the links below:

For digital services for coastal communities to out if you are at flood and coastal erosion risk and to sign up for flood warnings please use the links below:

For planners/developers looking for further information in relation to flooding please see the link below:

Impact of Coastal Erosion on Coastal Communities

On 11 January 2023, Karen Thomas presented on the impact of coastal erosion on coastal communities as part of a Parliamentary Briefing to the APPG for Coastal Communities.

During this session, MP’s also heard from Lucy Ansbro on her personal experience with coastal erosion. Lucy’s perspective can be watched in the video opposite and gives a real voice to people on the frontline of this issue.

We thank Lucy and Coastal Partnership East for permission to share this film which remains their property.