Forward Work Plan 2021/22

Our Forward Work Plan for 2021/22 was adopted at the March 2021 meeting (held by Zoom) of the LGA Coastal SIG and is available to download here:

Our 5 Strategic Priorities and Underpinning Objectives for 2021/22

  1. We are a resilient hub for knowledge sharing and innovation
    – Secure sustainable long-term income
    – Better understand and utilise our Members’ skills, networks and ambitions
    – Enable collaboration and innovation within and beyond our membership
    – Share best practice, skills and opportunities
  2. We are the trusted, go-to voice for the coast with a powerful political influence
    – Respected by key contacts: Government, influencers, external bodies 
    – Become the go-to voice on coastal matters
    – Raise profile of the SIG, the coast and our asks to generate the impact we seek
  1. We champion sustainable regeneration for the coastal communities we serve
    – Working towards year-round sustainable economies
    – Ensuring safe and clean seaside leisure – Support sustainable growth in marine and maritime sectors
  1. We champion coastal resilience and adaptation in a changing climate
    – Achieve national and local recognition of the issue and highlight the legislative and policy gaps that need to be addressed in the short to medium term
    – Influence decision-makers to ensure proper planning and investment – Gather existing and create new evidence to support our work
    – Share best practice between member authorities, partners and Government 
  1. We champion sufficient and sustainable funding for our coast and communities
    – Sharing of experience, expertise and opportunities across the SIG
    – Influence decision-makers to improve funding provision for the coast and communities
    – Investigate, catalyse and enable funding innovation, including provision of seed funding

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