About Us

Local Authority interests on the coast are wide ranging and include spatial planning, licensing, ports, public health, coastal protection, beach management and inshore byelaws, inshore fisheries, economic prosperity, tourism and recreation, minerals, waste, transportation, and coastal access. Local authorities are also key players in management and regulatory organisations such as the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities, the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees and Coastal Groups.

As such, The Local Government Association (LGA) has long been concerned about the management of our coast and marine environment and addresses these issues through a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Coastal Issues. The Group currently comprises more than 50 Local Authorities from around the coast of England and aims to champion and represent the collective interests of coastal, estuarine and maritime communities by increasing awareness and debate on environmental, economic and social issues at all levels in relation to the coast. It works in partnership with other organisations with complimentary aims and will bring pressure on the Government to secure its full involvement at all levels of policy formulation concerning the coast.