LGA Coastal SIG supporters of Flood and Coast Conference and Exhibition 2019

Once again the SIG are supporters of this year’s Flood and Coast. In 2018 the group were a supporter and held a workshop to discuss topics pertinent to local authorities. It was a great way to link up with others and to share issues and learning.

Information and booking details are available on our own 2019 Flood and Coast Conference and Exhibition page.


A submission has been made for the outline of the workshop – watch this space for developments.

Outline of workshop:

Current FCERM projects are focused on increased flood protection to 300,000 properties. However, it is well known that this investment can generate much broader and significant benefits. These are often poorly understood nor measured but can include; increased property valuation, uplift in tourism, greater benefits to local wellbeing. New research will highlight the potential for FCERM to be a catalyst for regeneration for a community.

The House of Lords Select Committee on regeneration of coastal towns and communities will report in March 2019 and with the recent Committee on Climate Change and UKCP 2018 reports this provide rich evidence to enable the Flood and Coastal Change family to share knowledge and build together a tool kit to support the search for funding and delivery of future projects as an integral part of a wider holistic approach to place.

The LGA Coastal SIG will lead an interactive workshop building on the participants expertise to create a tool kit to help local authorities, the EA and others to think differently about future projects. It will be designed to attract regeneration and planning policy experts who would not normally attend to help them understand how FCERM can be an integral part of a wider regeneration agenda.