LGA Coastal SIG Responds To Climate Change Committee Report

Responding to the Climate Change Committee’s report on coastal flooding, Cllr Andy Smith, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Coastal Special Interest Group, said:

“This report is a positive step and demonstrates the need for a clear, long-term vision to manage our coastline, and for coherent policies across government to deliver this.

“It’s essential that funding is made available to local councils to support a long-term approach. This will help coastal areas and communities to adapt to climate change, whilst safeguarding those areas at critical risk from flooding and erosion.

“We need to make sure that we are managing the coast as a whole, accounting for undefended areas and those in need of re-alignment, alongside those areas currently defended from coastal erosion and flooding which are highlighted in this report. Local authorities have a vital role to play alongside national government on these issues, in order to make sure that our coastal communities remain safe and secure from climate change for generations to come.”

Read the Committee on Climate Change news story here.

The report is available here.