Coastal and rural areas are identified as having significant issues on social mobility

Social Mobility: 2017 state of the nation report

The 2017 Social Mobility Commission report assesses the progress that Great Britain has made towards improving social mobility.

It puts the social mobility index at the heart of the report and ranks all English local authorities into hotspots and coldspots, using a range of 16 indicators for every life stage from the early years through to working lives.

It finds that there is a stark social mobility geographical divide within our nation. In particular coastal and rural areas are identified as having significant issues on social mobility.

Following publication all members of the Commission resigned soon after publication stating that there is currently no overall national strategy to tackle the social, economic and geographical divide that the country faces.

Please see this report at on the GOV website


Environment Agency skills training

At the December SIG meeting, Paul Cross, Environment Agency Skills and Resilience Advisor, shared his experience of developing career paths. The key principles of the Environment Agency Degree, and Apprenticeship programmes were outlined and the offer of an open forum to feedback and share your own needs.

Paul has shared a range of material with Members ( as the Environment Agency are keen to share their degree, apprenticeship and Trailblazer programme with Local Authorities.

Flood and Coastal Engineering Degree Programme

Please do invite potential applicants or consider taking on a trainee.  To see the documents please use the links below:

FaCE Applicant Information Pack
Application Process FaCE FdSc
FACE Programme Handbook_V1.1
FACE Programme Mentor Supplement_V1
FdSc training agreement_RMA_Final
Advert template for RMAs
Grant Agreement V5_ FINAL



The Environment Agency are in the very early stages of putting together a Trailblazer business group for employers dealing principally with managing assets (watercourses, sluices, pumping stations etc.) and responding to environmental or flooding incidents.

This is a great opportunity to work together, professionalise your workforce, and develop potential career paths with a foundation in the skills, knowledge, and behaviours that future workforces will need.

If you are interested to attend a related meeting in Birmingham on 11th January 2018 please let know by 22nd December.

They are also keen on exploring other opportunities to collaborate around the wider apprenticeship agenda. If you would like to discuss current or future opportunities then please get in touch with