Invitation: ‘FAST’ – foreshore assessment using space technology

The University of Cambridge invites you to help shape a new satellite-based online tool for assessing the flood and erosion protection provided by our natural coastal landscape.

Current flood damage costs in England alone have been estimated at around £1.1 billion per year. The potential costs under even conservative climate change scenarios and under continued development in flood risk areas will be much higher.

We can reduce the social and economic impact of extreme flood events if we assess flood and erosion risk accurately. To do this, the stability and buffering function of the natural coastal landscape needs to be assessed. By using the latest satellite technology such as Sentinel 2 (launched in June this year), this is now possible.

The EU-funded FAST project is developing a free web-based tool that allows users to use the data provided by this technology to access information on the stability and wave buffering capability of the coast for any given location.

To design the tool and maximise its use, the project needs the input from as many potential users as possible. This is your chance to influence what this tool will look like and tell the project team what you want it to do.

Please confirm your interest by emailing Dr Iris Möller: Dr Möller is also happy to answer any questions you may have.

For further details please see the flyer (click: FAST – flyer) and