News Item: Celebrating the success of the first four years of the IFCAs

Since their inception in 2011, the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (IFCAs)  have been doing lot of work towards achieving sustainable seas. A report has been launched detailing the achievements and successes to celebrate this work.  The news release can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

IFCAs News Release

The report can be accessed on the Association of IFCAs website by following the link here.



Update: Socio-economics of coastal communities

At the September SIG meeting we heard from Jenny Adams (Senior Planner, Arup Consultants) who shared with Members the Economic Regeneration and Resilience Index (ERRI) tool which can be used to provide evidence of data proxies, such as deprivation, economic activity and tourism, to help explain what is happening in coastal areas.

The information details what interventions might be needed to support the economic growth of a coastal town.

During her presentation Jenny informed Members that, “if all coastal areas were combined into one region, the combined deprivation would allow them to qualify for substantial EU and national regeneration funding “.

To see the slides from this presentation they are saved to the ‘Meetings’ section of this website or please click here.

The brochure for this ERRI tool can be accessed by clicking the link: Arup ERRI Brochure.


Jenny also provided an example of an output of this tool from The Crown Estate’s commission to explore Sandscaping. This example will be circulated to SIG members separately (please note that this example is not a solution, but just an option for consideration).