Note from the Vice Chairman on the Environment Agency’s RBMP consultation – closing next week

River Basin District Management Plans

Through the autumn of 2014 and the spring of 2015, the Environment Agency has continued to consult on the River Basin District Management Plans. I, as your SIG Vice Chairman, have tried to keep up with these very important plans at a national level. The River Basin Districts that England is divided into are huge and you find it starts to mean more when you look at a smaller area, as each District is divided up into “management” and “operational” catchments. The Plans are driven by the need to ensure that our precious water environment continues to improve in quality by key organisations working in partnership. For us in the Coastal SIG, this means our estuarine and coastal waters primarily but obviously, these environments are influenced heavily by what we do on land.

The SIG is going to look at any messages, at a national scale, that we can send back to the Environment Agency. However, I would encourage each local authority to try and respond individually as well. The Plans are challenging to understand and respond to but important for those of us who represent local communities as the quality of our waters affects our environment and economy. The consultation can be found at:

EA RBMP consultation

The consultation closes next week, on Friday 10th April.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Vice Chairman, LGA Coastal SIG



If you would like your authority’s comments included in the Coastal SIG response, please send your comments through to Lucy Williams

26 March 2015: Coastal SIG Agenda available on the website


The Coastal SIG’s Agenda for the meeting next week, Thursday 26 March, is ready to download from the ‘Meetings’ section of the website. To find this please follow Meetings > Coastal SIG 2015 meetings > 26 March 2015


At this meeting we will:

  • Welcome the Parliamentary Under Secretary for water, forestry, rural affairs and resource management, Dan Rogerson MP, to hear his views the latest issues around protection of the coast from flooding or erosion, and other matters involving DEFRA and coastal Local Authorities.
  • Hear a presentation from Dr Stephen Bolt, CEO Association of IFCAs (Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities), on understanding the IFCAs work with a Local Authority perspective. For more information about the IFCAs please have a look at the website:


This meeting will include the usual updates for Members, plus:

  • SIG communications strategy
  • The next action plan


Please see the agenda for more details. If you would like to attend for your Local Authority, to book a place please contact Lucy Williams, (01394 444552).