News Item: The Coastal SIG busy with consultation responses on behalf of coastal local authorities

The last couple of months has seen the LGA Coastal SIG responding to various consultations with government. The combined experiences and knowledge from SIG members around the coast have been fed into these consultation responses, and so giving much more weight than any individual authority to give considerably more influence.

Recent consultation responses include:

  • Bellwin scheme of emergency financial assistance to Local Authorities consultation (DCLG)
  • Draft Flood Risk Management Plans (EA)
  • Tax relief for flood and erosion risk management, following from the announcement Autumn Statement (Defra)


These responses are available on this website following Resources > Consultation Responses or by following this link.


News Item: The Coastal SIG at Coastal Futures 2015


The SIG’s lead officer, Bill Parker, attended the Coastal Futures conference held in London in January. He shared information about the Coastal SIG and coastal management from a local authority perspective, with a variety of delegates and organisations.


The presentation touched on a range of topics from responsibilities to funding, communities and lobbying, and is attached here, for your information. If you have any questions at all, then please do get in touch!


Tax relief for businesses contributing to flood defence

“…the government will legislate to ensure that business contributions to flood defence schemes are tax deductible….” From the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

The campaign conducted by the LGA Coastal SIG, Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Councils and others since December 2013 seems to have borne fruit in the Autumn statement. This should mean that businesses that build flood defences or contribute to partnership schemes will have those costs offset against tax. It will undoubtedly help our efforts to get businesses (hopefully the definition will include landowners) to consider contributing towards flood and coast protection schemes.

The SIG promoted this welcome result through meetings with Floods Minister Dan Rogerson in March, and with Liz Truss, Environment Secretary, last month and with Matthew Hancock, Minister for Climate Change, on his visit to Lowestoft and Norwich in May. At all of these we made the tax relief / incentives topic one of the main issues. We also had the opportunity to speak briefly with the Prime Minister on his visit to Lowestoft earlier in the year.

We shall ensure by further contacts with Ministers that this really means “..flood and coastal erosion defence schemes…”

Here is the relevant paragraph from the Autumn Statement doc

1.116 The government is committed to maintaining and strengthening flood defences across the country, to minimise the damage and disruption caused by flooding. The government is investing £2.3 billion in over 1,400 flood defence schemes over the next 6 years. These will ensure that at least 300,000 homes are better protected by 2021. To further encourage private sector investment in this programme, the government will legislate to ensure that business contributions to flood defence schemes are tax deductible.