News item: Crown Estate knowledge sharing session

The Crown Estate is holding a knowledge sharing session to support the launch of a new document on electricity transmission infrastructure on Thursday 14 March 2013 from 1-4.30pm.  The event will be held in central London (venue to be confirmed) and is free of charge.

This new reference material will provide information on the electricity transmission infrastructure that is expected to be needed to connect offshore generation at scale.  The document will include information on the potential nature, type and functions of infrastructure on a generic basis (for example on substations), provide a range of images of equipment, and outline the key technical and environmental considerations associated with installation and operation.

The document is targeted at the planning and consenting sectors and the knowledge sharing session will be framed accordingly.  However, it is hoped and expected that it will be useful as reference material across a range of other stakeholders as well.

Places are limited at the event and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  If you would like to attend, please email [] to register your interest by no later than Friday 8th February, including your:

–          Name

–          Company

–          Position

–          Contact details

Attendance will be confirmed by return email. 

Cross Channel Declaration on Shipping Incidents

The Cross Channel Declaration on Shipping Incidents and Maritime Pollution is now available for viewing on the Coastal SIG’s website. The LGA Coastal SIG has been working closely with French local government colleagues to improve our understanding of the complicated and important procedures associated with responding to impacts from shipping related pollution incidents.

Letters have been sent to Local Authorities across the English South coast, asking for them to consider supporting the Cross Channel declaration and to participate in further discussions on taking it forward. A launch event is being planned for the 20th of March 2013, in Caen, with further details to be provided soon. 

For further information, please contact Devon County Council’s Aidan Winder (email:; Tel: 01392 383019).



Toe Structures Management Manuel

The Environment Agency’s Toe Structures Management Manual (SC070056) is now available.

The Toe Structures Management Manual provides those responsible for flood defences, coastal erosion protection structures and other coastal structures with practical guidance on how to determine, monitor, assess and mitigate for the effects of toe scour. It describes the types of toe protection structures and provides illustrations of typical designs that are often used as solutions. The inclusion of case histories on beach lowering and scour management provide real examples, of good and bad practice, and discuss lessons learnt from past schemes.

The research was commissioned to address the problem of scour on coastal defence structures.

This manual presents how relevant issues should be covered in the assessment, management and design of the toe of coastal defence structures. These issues include:

  • Monitoring of beach levels and structure condition (including links to coastal monitoring programmes)
  • Trigger points for action during the life of the asset (including links to “performance features”)
  • Maintenance and replacement of elements of the asset or of the whole structure
  • Environmental and sustainability issues surrounding scheme/structure planning, design and operation
  • Inputs to the assessment and design processes (including relationship to defence fragility, both for asset management and new design)
  • Selection of mitigation options to enhance or prolong performance of the asset

Click here to access the project page where the Management Manual and Summary are available for download now.