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The PREMIAM Conference
Pollution Response in Emergencies

Marine Impact Assessment and Monitoring

Guidelines, Co-ordination and Future Challenges

July 4th, 2012   – SOAS, University of London

The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for scientists, regulators and other professionals working in the field of marine oil/chemical spill monitoring to share experience, best practice and knowledge to the wider marine emergency response community. We hope to  promote the use of sound science, co-operation and co-ordination in the design, conduct and management of environmental monitoring and impact assessment practices following accidental releases of oil/chemicals to the marine environment.

 Conference Objectives

  • Publicise and promote best practice in the application of sound science to monitoring and impact assessment following marine spill incidents.
  • To hear the views of emergency response professionals charged with commissioning and conducting post-spill marine monitoring and impact assessment.
  • To learn about relevant emerging issues and risk assessment approaches.
  • To share best practice in the planning, management and conduct of marine monitoring activities following marine incidents and to learn from recent incident case studies.
  • To understand the drivers and importance of quality post spill monitoring programmes from the perspective of key stakeholders: Regulators, Responders, Conservationists, Scientists and Offshore Industry.
  • To learn about specific  approaches and their potential use in post-spill monitoring and impact assessment.
  • To understand how post-spill monitoring fits in to the wider response, clean-up and advice activities following a spill.

Information about the conference and how to register can be found at: